April Update and Resources COVID-19

I first want to start out by wishing everyone good health- for you and your families/friends. Thank you for all your efforts to be safe and maintain social distancing during this time. I especially want to thank our Somerville first responders, the essential workers (delivery, grocery etc) and the educators/school officials who have been working so hard to keep education alive during these challenging times. 

1) Coming Together, Giving Back:

We are stronger together during challenging times. It has been so heartening to see so many people from Somerville step up and help out their neighbors and friends. I am looking to keep all Somerville residents in mind as I pass resolutions and ask important questions in our virtual committee sessions. If you are looking for ways to help out, I would encourage you to consider the following:

- MAMAS- Mutual Aid Medford and Somerville- grassroots group providing support and giving support for neighbors by organizing in neighborhood groups- I just signed up myself, and I am excited to pitch in for those in need. 

- MassUnDocufund- The MassUndocufund For Covid-19 Relief in Massachusetts Is Currently Raising Funds To Assist The Victims Of Covid-19 Pandemic, Which Has Caused Thousands Of Undocumented Workers to Lose Their Jobs And Livelihood Across The State.

Somerville Cares Fund

“I’m asking anyone who is fortunate enough right now to have something extra to share, to please donate to help the families, neighbors, and displaced workers in our community who are facing serious and urgent needs. Your generosity has never been so needed or appreciated.” –Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone

The Somerville Cares Fund, established by Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone in partnership with United Way of Massachusetts Bay and the Community Action Agency of Somerville (CAAS), will mobilize resources for expanded food and supply access and emergency assistance to households who are financially impacted, with a focus on those who are most economically vulnerable during the pandemic. This fund will deploy resources through CAAS and other nonprofit partners to address the essential needs of Somerville community members facing the many challenges brought on by the crisis.

2) Seeking Resources and Relief:

There are so many programs out there right now to help residents of Somerville (citywide, statewide, nationwide programs) and businesses. Stay up to date on the daily/weekly communications here in Somerville by visiting the Somerville City Government Coronavirus Webpage.

I found a great resource that covers most/if not all, of what is out there and I have linked to it on our website- www.willmbah.com - under "COVID-19 City/State Resources" tab. The direct link is right here.

It covers city links and websites for the most up to date info from the city, easy to follow links for unemployment (including for Gig workers), business relief, tax relief, housing help, utilities relief, mental health resources etc. Please check it out and put it to good use.

I wish everyone good health and safety during these tough times and will be out with another update on some more local measures and shout-outs to people doing great work. So much is happening each day in the community and in the city/state government. 

Your Public Servant,

Will Mbah

Always feel free to reach out over email to ask questions/voice concerns at aldermanmbah@gmail.com or call me at 508-718-8126.

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