Affordable Housing

  • Increase the number of affordable housing units in new construction projects from 20 to 25%.
  • The city can’t just rely on private development to get us out of our affordable housing crisissomerville.jpg. The city itself must take a more active role. IF the city is going to use eminent domain in development projects, it should use some of that land to establish Community Land Trusts that the city itself will build on and provide affordable units for working and middle class families (we are lacking this middle of the market in housing).
  • We need a Housing Trust Fund that helps city employees AND everyday working people and artists in Somerville. This fund could also be used as a first time home buying program like Cambridge’s HomeBridge program which gives major assistance from the city for families that are up to 120% AMI- Average Median Income.
  • We need a transfer tax of 1% on real estate transactions for property bought and sold within 3 years of purchase. The money for this would be used exclusively for affordable housing.
  • We need to empower tenants with the right of first refusal or “right to purchase”  if their building is sold to be converted to condos (applies to buildings of 3 or more units that are not owner occupied). Allow them to buy the property collectively with 5% down. That 5% down could come partly from community housing organizations or housing trust funds.



Community-Led Development

  • I want to end the displacement of cherished artists, residents and local businesses due to rising costs and gentrification. I will work for the people, not developers. Therefore, I have pledged to take ZERO dollars from for-profit developers and those associated with them.

  • We need fair deals with developers that protect workers and residents.
  • Development should be led by the community and for the community’s benefit. That means a strong Community Benefits Agreement with committed funds from the developer to ensure Green Space, Community Centers, and programs that help with displacement/rising costs. This money should be controlled by a democratically elected community board.



Economic Justice

  • We need a $15 living wage for all of our workers. No one should work a full time job and have to struggle to survive in this city.
  • We need better paid family and sick leave for workers.



Keep Somerville a Welcoming Community

  • Keep Somerville a strong sanctuary city. Immigrants make our community stronger. Our diversity is our strength!
  • Immigrants can't stay here if they can't afford to live here. That is why affordability is key!
  • Non-cooperation with ICE on deportation orders.
  • Provide free municipal ID cards to help immigrants navigate daily life and gain access to basic services.
  • Provide free, quality legal counsel to residents facing deportation.16179438_1370674729652075_5398153794286389374_o.jpg

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